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Jobs for Maids, Babysitter, Childcare
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Indicative Salary Range:
Babysitting (8 hours): Rs 8000
Baby sitting (12 hours): Rs 12000-14000
Full time maid (24 hours): Rs 12000-15000 + Food
Maid (8 hours): Rs 7000-8000
JobNukkad is the No. 1 company for Baby sister jobs and childcare jobs in Mumbai and Thane. Our aim is to provide you a maid job or baby setting job near your house so that you can spend more time with your family and save on traveling cost.
Since childcare, patient care sister job and caretaker jobs are specialised jobs of high responsibility, we provide only experienced persons to our clients. However, if you are not experienced, we can provide you training and place you after your assessment is completed.

Nanny / Maid / Babysitter / Baby Care Taker / Cook Jobs in Mumbai

  Oct 20 2018

  Location of Client: Chembur East

 Type of work: Maid

 Duty hours: Full Time