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Frequently Asked Questions

Full Time maids or Live-in maids live in the house of the employer. Apart from their monthly salary, their food, medicines etc. is also the responsibility of the employer.
The salary depends upon the quantum of work of the Live-in maid:
Only babysitting: the salary is Rs 15,000-Rs 16,000
Babysitting + Cooking, the salary is Rs 17,000- Rs 18,000
The above guidelines are broadly relevant whether you are looking to hire in Delhi through an agency for maids or directly through an online portal like JobNukkad.

Yes, you can hire a maid without engaging a maid agency. Currently, agencies in Delhi charge a fee of Rs 25000 –Rs 30,000 to place a Live-in maid. The contract is for 11 months after which you have to pay the same amount of fee again if you want to continue with the same maid! There is only one word to describe it- Crazy. And it’s not that you get stellar service after paying this. Horror stories related to maid agencies are a common topic of living room discussions. This is 2021. People deserve better. Now you can connect with the relevant domestic helper directly, without the need of a middle-man, by using JobNukkad. It’s a tech enabled platform where both the maid and the employer connect with each other and decide if they want to work with each other. You can hire at a tiny fraction compared to what you would pay for a maid agency service.

Resumes of maids are prepared by our team. So you can remain assured that the information is correct. There are approx. 20 questions that we ask them. In addition, after you take a package, you don’t have to make random calls and find out that the maid is not interested. Once you shortlist maids online, our team checks with them if they are available for a job and you have to connect with only those who are interested.

1. Previous experience: What kind of work she has done in the past and is she comfortable doing them in the future as well.
2. Probe her about the reason for leaving her previous job. Similarly, if you faced any problem with the previous maids you can explain this as well.
3. Reference: Can she provide you the contact number of her previous employer so that you can do a referral check? However, this should not be the only criterion of judging her, because most of the times, when they quit a job they are not sure if the employer will give a good review about her. This is because they may not have been able to give proper notice period as they are not sure if the employer will pay them the full salary for the notice period.