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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking to hire a cook for home in Navi Mumbai, refer to the following quick guide compiled by experts:

1. The placement of utensils: Make the new home cook aware where important utensils and equipments are kept in the kitchen.
2. Diet preferences: If any family member has a special diet preference for eg. low sugar, low fat, it needs to be explained to the cook for home. Quantity that can be used also needs to be specified.
3. Taste preferences: Since every house prefers a distinct taste of food, be ready to spend some time with the newly hired maid for cooking in the kitchen till the time she/he knows your taste.
4. Hygiene for home cooking: Please tell the cook what hygiene standards you expect from her for eg. washing hands with soap, washing vegetables in warm water/ plain water, cleaning of kitchen top etc
5. Special dishes: Since she is a cook for home, it is not right to expect her to know the cuisines other than the regional cuisine. Most of them have not received any formal training in cooking. Therefore, you should spend some time teaching them how to prepare those special dishes at least once. You may ask her to take notes.
6. You Tube: Just like the Internet has democratised knowledge acquisition, You Tube has made it really easy for anyone to learn cooking. Videos showing Recipes are available in regional languages also. Encourage the newly hired cook to learn new recipes from You Tube.
7. To alert you when grocery is getting over: If you want the cook to alert you when the grocery is getting over, do specify this to her. Also tell her how many days you will need to fetch the same.

These tips are relevant whether you are looking to hire through an agency for cooks or through an online portal like JobNukkad.