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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking to hire a nanny in Thane, here are some expert tips on how to interview her effectively:
1. Previous experience: It is important that you are comfortable with the quantity and quality of experience the nanny has. You should ask questions like what was the age of kids handled by her in the past. It becomes more important for kids younger than 3-4 years as they have more specific needs. You can also check in the previous assignment, what was the extent of mother’s involvement. That will tell you if she can do babysitting at home independently.
2. Physically active: If your kid is a toddler, it will need a lot of running around by the caretaker. Therefore, the baby caretaker should be physically fit. For younger babies, older babysitters are also preferred because of their experience.
3. Story telling: You can test her story telling skills. It is very important to keep the child engaged and for better emotional connect between the baby and the nanny for baby. Stories can be spontaneous or pre-meditated.
4. Personal commitments: Check for her personal commitments. If she is a part time babysitter, the time when she can reach your home depends upon her other commitments like her own household chores, her children etc.
5. Practical: For certain specific things, you may ask the maid for baby care to give you a practical demonstration for eg. how will she hold the baby (provided she has to take care of an infant), how will she wash the bottles of the toddler. This will give you a reasonable indication regarding her experience and the resulting confidence level.
6. Past employer reference: Can she give the reference of her past employer in Thane or elsewhere? This is the best check. However, lack of it should not be the criterion for rejection as most of the times they will not be able to give a reference check.
7. Feeding: Feeding kids is becoming the most difficult nanny service these days. Ask her what tricks she will use to feed the baby, if your baby is fussy with eating. If she says that she will show videos, it’s not a good sign.
8. Putting baby to sleep: You can also enquire about what the babysitter prefers to do to put the kid to sleep. Patting/Rocking/Lullaby/Story?
9. Taking for a walk/ in Stroller: Does the maid for babycare have the experience of taking kids out for play time or in the stroller?
10. Patience: Most importantly, try to gauge if she loses patience easily. Being patient with the children is one of the most important traits of a babysitter.
The above interview guidelines are recommended whether you are looking to hire through an agency for babysitters or through an online portal like JobNukkad.