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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking to hire a maid service in Mumbai, the Salary depends on the following factors:
1. Prevalent salary: Salary of house maid that is generally paid in your locality and more specifically in your apartment society
2. Quantum of work: Maids who come for chhutta kaam charge on the basis of number of tasks for eg. sweeping + mopping is one task. Cleaning Dishes is another. Clothes and dusting are two other tasks. The salary to clean a 3 BHK house will be more than a 2 BHK house. Similarly, salary to do dishes for a 4 member family will be more than the same for a 2 member family.
Maid servants who are hired on an hourly basis charge on the basis of number of hours worked.
 3. Even in the case of full time (24 hrs) maids, quantum of work determines the salary. Salary of Cleaning + Babysitting will be more than that of Cleaning.
 4. Time when the maid service is required (For odd hours, you have to pay extra)

For Chhutta kaam: One task (as explained above) is Rs 1200- Rs 1400 depending upon the quantum of work.
For 6 hours: Rs 7,000-Rs 9,000
For 10 hours: Rs 12,000- Rs 13,000
For 12 hours: Rs 14,000- Rs 15,000
For locations where supply of Bai is less for eg. South Mumbai, Ghod Bunder Road or any locations where there is no slum in close proximity and maids have to travel for work from far, you should add a premium of Rs 1500-Rs 2000 to the above mentioned numbers.

The current salary is in the range of Rs 18,000 to Rs 20,000. The salaries have increased due to the Corona virus pandemic.
Bonus: In Mumbai, it is a standard practise to give an annual bonus equivalent to one month’s salary during Diwali time. If the maid has worked for less than 6 months during the year, some employers give only half of this amount as bonus, while some still give the full amount. It is ultimately dependent on the relation between the maid and the employer. It can also be discussed at the time of hiring.
The above salary guidelines are broadly relevant whether you are looking to hire through a maid agency in Mumbai or through an online maid portal like JobNukkad.

Not everyone is willing to live in a stranger’s house to earn a livelihood. Maids prefer to stay with their family. However, those who migrate from remote areas into Mumbai or those who do not have an immediate family look for 24 hrs jobs so that they don’t have to spend money on house rent. Also, maids living in remote areas of Mumbai such as Virar or Ambernath find it difficult to get a high-paying job in their locality and decide to work as Full time maids.