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JobNukkad is Mumbai's largest company for driver recruitment. Whether you need a Private driver or a driver for your Ola, you can trust us. We guarantee you to provide a driver within 3 days.
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JobNukkad is committed to organising the blue collar recruitment industry, especially driver hiring. Most of the current driver agencies work in an unorganised and unprofessional manner and do not have enough supply of drivers to give you a driver from your neighbourhood. For your private car, that is very important.
If you have attached your car with Ola, the most important factor affecting your earnings is your driver. If your driver is hardworking, smart and experienced about how Ola work, he will make good money for you. We heard from people who were paying EMIs on their car loans but could not run their cars as they didn't have a driver for months. Looking at these problems, we decided to provide a professional and reliable solution.
Our driver sourcing is primarily online and hence we can claim to have largest database of drivers in Mumbai as well as highest number of active job-seeking drivers at any point of time. Secondly, we don't merely sell contact numbers of drivers but charge on success basis and provide free replacement guarantee.
Some of the reviews received from our customers:
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Job Nukkad has been helpful in sourcing the Best driver for me. It has been as per my requirements. The staff is very curious and always ready to help. I have been very happy with the services I have received.
- Mr. Ismail Mistry
Good service, quick response for driver service from them.Excellent public relation from the employees.
- Mr. Sunny Sharma
Good experience working with them. Promt service in providing candidates with the best qualities. Very polite, understanding and cooperative executive. I wish all the very great success ahead to Job Nukkad.
- Mr. Manu Madan
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Ok. I have understood your agency's process and term & conditions, but I have some reservations:
Q: Why should I pay to get a driver? I can get it through references
JN: Every day your car is lying idle, you suffer an opportunity loss worth ~Rs 800-1000. Getting a driver through reference can take weeks. We promise you a driver quickly and hence you can recover the cost within a few days. Plus, our service comes with a free replacement guarantee of 90 days. Like every business, you have to spend money to gain money.
Q: : It's too expensive?
JN: We are cheaper than other agencies who charge one month salary. In addition, we all know that in today's environment, drivers are in short supply. Hence, it takes considerable effort to search for a driver from your nearby location.
Q: How do I trust you? I have had bad experience with other agencies in the past.
JN: We are not just another driver agency. The company is set up by two Chartered Accountants having experience of working in multi-national companies such as Citi Bank, Tishman Speyer, HDFC Bank etc.The vision is to simplify blue collar recruitment by use of technology.
Ola has empaneled us to recruit drivers for its Operator partners after considerable due diligence. We would certainly not want to spoil our reputation with Ola by breaching our agreement with you.
As part of our agreement, we have offered that if we can't provide you a driver within 3 working days of receiving the payment, we will refund your money.
Q: Why should I not sign up with other agencies who have approached me?
JN: Please ask them if they will provide you a driver from your nearby location. It's safer to have your car parked at your residence rather than allowing the driver to take the car after his duty hours.
If you still have questions, feel free to call us on 8828329700.