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House servant job and house caretaker jobs in bangalore can get you a salary of Rs 8000- Rs 15000 depending upon the number of hours of duty and your experience.
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House Servant Job/ Maid Jobs In Bangalore

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on many factors whether you want to do a maid job for a few hours or for full day:
1. Salary expectation: You will obviously earn a higher salary if you work as a 24 hours maid compared to working as a part time maid. If you need to support your family and you can not manage with a smaller salary, then you should opt for a live-in maid job in Bangalore.
2. Your physical capacity: Working as a full day maid means a lot of physical hard work. Not everyone can do that easily. Hence, depending upon your age and your physical capacity, you should choose between part time and full time job.
3. Availability of job: Sometimes, you do not have the option of choosing between full day maid job and part time maid job. If you are in need of money, you should start with whatever best option is available for you. You should simultaneously keep looking for a better maid job as per your liking.

Even if you don’t have a smart phone or internet connection, you can apply for a maid job in Bangalore by calling our team. We will create your Resume and you will start getting calls from employers near you. It is absolutely free.