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Frequently Asked Questions

Maid service agencies do not verify maids while onboarding them. Not every maid registered with them will get placed through them. Hence, it is not feasible to do background verification for all of them. Most of the large agencies do not even meet the house maids personally. The first time they meet is when they are being taken to your place for an interview.

It is a myth that maid agencies know the maids personally and that if there is any negative feedback about a maid servant, they will be blacklisted. There is no incentive for the agencies to not place maids who are unprofessional or unskilled.

Because agencies are not making much profit, short term goal of survival is more important than the long term goal of reputation management.

The fact that they do not take responsibility for the conduct of the bai / domestic helper is clearly mentioned in their agreement, provided they are professional enough to give you a written agreement.

Some maid service agencies in Gurgaon will get background verification done if the employer takes that as an additional service for an extra charge. Employers should always insist for a written report in such cases. The report should come from a reputed third party verification agency. A report given by the agency itself has little value.

This is applicable both in case of full time maids in Gurgaon as well as part time maids.

It depends upon the understanding between the two parties i.e. the employer and the house maid. Generally, housekeeping maids do the following chores:

1. Sweeping and swabbing
2. Clothes washing (If washing machine is not there, not all maids will agree to this)
3. Dishes (Utensil cleaning)
4. Dusting

Additional tasks that domestic servants may agree to do:
1. Grocery shopping
2. Ironing of clothes
3. Chopping of vegetables

If you have hired a 24 hrs maid in Gurgaon, she will most likely do all the above tasks.
The above guidelines are broadly relevant whether you are looking to hire through a maid agency in Gurgaon or through an online maid portal like JobNukkad.