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If you are looking for maid service in Noida, this article written by experts will tell you everything about their background verification. The importance of background verification of maid servants can not be stressed enough. There have been cases of crimes (mostly thefts) conducted by maids. If one analyses it objectively, it’s a very small percentage. But you would want to avoid such things at any cost. Getting a background verification done gives you some assurance, especially when the 24 hours maid is alone in your house on some occasions.

Police verification: The process of police verification differs from one state to another. In some states, it is possible to apply for it online. However, it remains a complicated process for the first time user and you will need help of an expert to navigate through the process. There are some maid service agencies that can get the Police verification done while placing the maid at your house. They charge extra amount for this. However, they can not guarantee it as it will depend on whether the maid has the documents etc in prescribed format or not. Secondly, if it’s a full time maid who has come from another city, the verification will have to be done by the Police station of her native place and she will have to visit personally.

Online Verification: There are companies that specialise in conducting online background verification of employees. This is a simpler process. In the context of maids, it involves:
A. Address verification: A person visits the house of the maid and collects proof of the visit.
B. Criminal background check: Court records of courts at multiple levels are checked to find out if the maid has any criminal case pending against her.
C. Document authenticity check: Aadhaar card, Election card, PAN card of the maid can be verified with the centralised database to ensure that there is no forgery.
The above guidelines are broadly relevant whether you are looking to hire through a maid agency in Noida or through an online maid portal like JobNukkad.