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Frequently Asked Questions

In our experience, approx. 50% of home cooks are willing to do cleaning as well. But others, especially the older ones are not comfortable doing the more strenuous tasks of cleaning. However, in all cases, cleaning of the cooking platform and the gas stove is the responsibility of the cook.

Male cooks for home also known as Maharaj are preferred by some families, especially North Indian families. It is believed that Maharajs make tastier food as compared to their female counterparts. They specialise in cooking. Generally, they have the experience of working in a restaurant or with a caterer.
On the other hand female cooks are maids for cooking who can cook basic food and have mostly learnt the skill while home cooking in their own house. They generally double up as maids and can do cleaning as well. One important aspect you need to keep in mind is the safety risk. Families who do not hire male cooks argue that it is safer to hire female cooks especially in a situation where female family members are alone at home.
Male cooks generally charge more.
Whether you hire through an agency for cooks or through an online portal like JobNukkad, these tips are relevant. Mumbai Page https://jobnukkad.com/domestic-cooks-for-home-mumbai