Full time and part time Maid/Bai services in Thane
JobNukkad is the largest company for maid services in Thane. Whether you are looking for a 24 hour maid (full time) or a part time maid, our agency will provide you multiple options to choose from. When you book a help / bai through us, you can be assured that they are experienced in housekeeping and cleaning services.

JobNukkad is transforming the maid hire service by using the latest technology and assessment tools. We conduct Police verification and criminal record verification for all the maids hired through us. We commit to provide you a maid within 3 working days.

We provide a 20% discount to clients who commit with us
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Maid agency in Thane
(8, 10, 12 hours or 24 hours full time maid)
Maid in Thane
(8, 10, 12 hours or 24 hours full time nanny)
24 hour maid service in Thane
Japa Maid
from Calcutta

(24 hours)
Maid service in Thane
Maid for Household Work
including Cooking

(Min. 8 hours)
Terms & Conditions of our service
Our Service Fee= 1 month’s salary

20% discount on fee(If you pay Commitment fee of Rs 1000)
Fee to be paid after the trial period of 5 days

Free replacement period of 180 days

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: It's expensive?
JN: Other agencies also charge one month salary. We are cheaper than them because they will not provide you a replacement when the need arises. In addition, we all know that today, quality babysitters/aayahs/nannies are in short supply. Hence, it takes considerable effort to train, assess and choose the best match from the pool of candidates.
Q: How do I trust you? I have had bad experience with other agency/agencies in the past.
JN: We are not just another maid agency. The company is set up by two Chartered Accountants having experience of working in multi-national companies such as Citi Bank, Tishman Speyer, HDFC Bank etc. The vision is to simplify blue collar recruitment by use of technology.
India's largest cab company Ola has done due diligence on us and empanelled us as their official recruitment partner for driver recruitment.
As part of our agreement, we have offered that if we can't provide you a maid within 5 working days of receiving the payment, we will refund your money.
Q: Why should I not sign up with other agency/agencies who have approached me?
JN: Most of the agencies operate at a small scale in their local areas and hence have a limited supply of candidates. We have built a network of channel partners who source maids for us from the remotest parts of India. As hundreds of maids get added every week, you don't have to wait in case the need for a replacement arises. We are providing you a look-in period of 3 days. After this you can decide if you would like to hire the maid and then pay us. Other agencies charge money in advance.

Sample of job-seekers registered with us

(Hundreds of maids getting added every day)

Full time Maid in Thane & Mumbai

  Name : Naziya Sayyed

  Location of maid: Parel East

  Age : 35

 Type of work: Cooking,

 Duty hours: Chhutta kaam,6

 Last active: Aug 23 2019

  Name : Avdhesh Kumar

  Location of maid: Andheri East

  Age : 22

 Type of work: Maid, Cooking,

 Duty hours: 24

 Last active: Aug 23 2019

  Name : Madhu Mule

  Location of maid: Pune

  Age : 23

 Type of work: Babysitting, Maid, Patient Care

 Duty hours: 24

 Last active: Aug 23 2019

  Name : Deepa Laxman Kare

  Location of maid: Chembur East

  Age : 31

 Type of work: Babysitting, Patient Care

 Duty hours: 8,10,12

 Last active: Aug 23 2019

  Name : Deep Laxmi Damodar Acharya

  Location of maid: Jogeshwari East

  Age : 42

 Type of work: Babysitting, Cooking,

 Duty hours: Chhutta kaam,6,8

 Last active: Aug 23 2019

  Name : Khatun Ansari

  Location of maid: Ghatkopar West

  Age : 25

 Type of work: Babysitting, Maid, Patient Care

 Duty hours: Chhutta kaam,6,8

 Last active: Aug 23 2019

  Name : Reshma Khan

  Location of maid: Mankhurd East

  Age : 29

 Type of work: Cooking,

 Duty hours: 6,8

 Last active: Aug 23 2019

  Name : Anubhav Kumar Gupta

  Location of maid: Thane West

  Age : 25

 Type of work: Maid,

 Duty hours: 8,10

 Last active: Aug 24 2019

  Name : Balika Kharat Mol

  Location of maid: Airoli East

  Age : 45

 Type of work: Babysitting, Cooking, Patient Care

 Duty hours: Chhutta kaam,6,8

 Last active: Aug 23 2019

  Name : Shama Lokhande

  Location of maid: Raigad

  Age : 40

 Type of work: Babysitting,

 Duty hours: 12,24

 Last active: Aug 23 2019