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Frequently Asked Questions

During the initial period of Covid induced lock-down, maid service was not allowed in the residential societies. As things opened up and people got tired of doing household chores, part time maids have also started going back to work. Just like you need to be careful of any outside person or object coming into your house, you should take necessary precautions with maids also. Here is a list of training that you can give:

1. Mask: Make it clear to the house maid that she has to be wearing a mask all the time while she is working in the house. All the family members who are in close vicinity of the maid while she is doing the chores should also be wearing their masks.
2. Washing hands: As soon as the maid servant / bai enters the house, the first thing she has to do is to wash her hands thoroughly with soap. She should not touch any door or furniture before this. Someone has to facilitate this by opening the bathroom door and water tap for her.
3. Socialise: Ask her not to visit any relatives/neighbours or attend any event till the pandemic lasts.
4. Sickness: If the maid feels sick at any time, she should not hesitate to take leave. She should not feel scared of asking for leave. This is for everyone’s safety.
5. 24 hours maid: if you have employed a full time maid, you are in a much better position. However, if she is going out to collect parcels/grocery, she has to follow all the precautions with regards to wearing a mask, not touching surfaces etc.

Please sensitise the maid that you are taking the same precautionary measures even with your friends or neighbours, if they are visiting your place. This is not specific only to her.

Broadly, there are three sources of finding a domestic helper:

i. Through neighbours and friends’ reference (cheap but slow; limited options)
ii. Through a maid agency (fast but expensive). The best maid agencies charge a commission equivalent to one month salary of the maid.
iii. Through an online portal like JobNukkad (very economical and lots of options)

If you are looking to hire a full time maid in Thane, it is rare to be able to find through references.

If you are a working couple and have a small child, it is better to keep a 24 hours maid. This will avoid the last minute surprises resulting from unannounced leaves of part-time maids. But ultimately, you have to make a decision based on many factors like affordability, space in the house, adaptability of all the family members with an outsider staying in the house etc. Since the onset of Covid-19, families are preferring Live-in maids over Live-out ones.

The above guideline is broadly relevant whether you are looking to hire through a maid agency in Thane or through an online maid portal like JobNukkad.