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House servant job and house caretaker jobs in Delhi can get you a salary of Rs 8000- Rs 15000 depending upon the number of hours of duty and your experience.
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House Servant Job/ Maid Jobs In Delhi

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many home maid jobs available in all parts of Delhi. This is because most of the middle class and upper class households prefer to hire a house servant. How easy it is to find job depends on:
 1. Types of work you can do for eg. housekeeping, caretaker, babysitting, cooking etc.
 2. Your Salary expectation for a personal servant job
 3. How far can you travel

How fast can you get a maid job depends upon the following factors:
 1. What channels do you use to search for a home made job
 2. Can you provide your Past employer’s reference
 3. Do you have all the important documents?

Most of the employers will require you to submit the documents that can give adequate proof of your identity and address. After all, if they are hiring you in a house caretaker job or in Kothi job and they want to be sure that you are trust worthy. Safety is more critical in house jobs as compared to office based housekeeping jobs.
If you have migrated from another town recently, you can give proof of your permanent address and later submit the current address proof as soon as possible.

You can submit the following documents to get a Home caretaker job:
 1. Aadhaar Card: Proof of Identity and address
 2. PAN card: Proof of Identity
 3. Election Card: Proof of Identity and address
 4. Electricity Bill: Proof of address
 5. Rent agreement: Proof of address