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House servant job and house caretaker jobs in hyderabad can get you a salary of Rs 8000- Rs 15000 depending upon the number of hours of duty and your experience.
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House Servant Job/ Maid Jobs In Hyderabad

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Your personal obligations: Full day maid job means living away from your family. If you have small children or old family members who need your presence, then you will not be able to do full day job. You will have to take up a job with such timings so that you can manage your family as well as your maid job in Hyderabad.
2. Your location: If you live in such a location in Hyderabad that does not have too many apartment complexes in vicinity, then you will not be able to do part time maid job as you will not be able to travel so far everyday. In such a case you have to do 24 hours maid job so that you can stay with the employer family and you need to travel to your home only once or twice in a month.
3. Your previous experience in maid job: If you had a bad experience working in a 24 hours maid job in Hyderabad, you may not be comfortable living with the employer family. While it will affect your decision, you should also consider the fact that you should not judge based on only one or two experiences.

Other factors:
4. Salary expectation
5. Your physical capacity
6. Availability of job

Yes, you can get a maid job in Hyderabad even if you are a fresher. However, it is advisable that you learn some basic jobs such as sweeping, mopping, washing dishes, dusting etc with the help of any of your family member and practise in your home. This will help you to get started in a job and then you can keep improving your skills as you gain experience.