Hire a domestic help, fast and easy. Choose the Plan that suits you:

  • Hire a domestic help for as little as Rs 499.
  • No Agency commission to be paid.
  • "Do it Yourself" model- Interested maids will call you. In addition, you can check the availability of maids and then contact them. Hundreds of maids listed in every location. Call them, interview them, hire them !!
  • Simply register to get a Free Package and test the authenticity. If found suitable, you can take a paid package. Money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied (T & C).
  • Service Charge equivalent to one month’s salary of the employee.
  • No registration fee to be paid in advance. Trial period of 5 days.
  • Free Replacement guarantee of 6 months.
  • GST not to be paid by customers. Absorbed by the company under Composition scheme.

Note: 24 hours (live-in) maids are not available on the Portal. Use our Full Service model for the same.
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