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Refund Policy: If you do not like our Portal, simply raise a request for a refund. We will give 100% refund. Applicable only for first time package purchase. More details here

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Frequently Asked Questions - Portal

A : This is a new age, smart way of hiring maids. How do you hire a maid today? You request your security guard or neighbourhood aunty to provide you references. It generally takes repeated reminders and a few days before you get some options. The options are generally limited and you are compelled to hire the first one who shows interest. Imagine missing a few days at work because you are unable to hire a caretaker for your baby. Now, It is time to take control with our portal!! A lot of experience and research has gone into developing the portal. We have the highest supply of maids in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Indore and Ghaziabad.

A : Male and female workers working as housekeeping maids, cooks, babysitters, nannies, patient caretakers etc are available.
Followings types of helpers can be hired:

1. Maids interested for Chhutta kaam i.e. for cleaning, clothes washing, dish washing

2. Maids working on an hourly basis i.e. for 8 hours/ 12 hours everyday

3. Live-in (24 hours) maids

A : Agency: Pay one month salary of the maid as commission (say Rs 10,000-18,000)

Portal: Pay only Rs 499/ Rs 999. No further commission

Agency: Replacement guarantee is provided

Portal: No replacement guarantee. But you can use any unused credits if the maid quits the job.

Agency: Full Service

Portal: Do It Yourself.

A : These are two different models. We used to be an agency ourselves. We realised the inefficiencies in that model. Read our blog here to understand the business model of maid agencies. Instead of being a service company, we use technology to connect employers with maids and can afford to keep the price low. Thus, we increase the number of employers hiring through our portal and hence we increase the utilisation of maids who register with us for jobs. Employers who would have otherwise hired through word of mouth reference also hire through our portal as it is economical.

A : More than 50,000 maids, cooks, babysitters, nannies are registered. We have the largest supply in Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Indore and Ghaziabad.

A : While there is no guarantee, the entire system is designed to ensure that you get success when you use our product. It is a subscription model. You will be able to choose the most suitable profiles out of our huge database which is regularly updated. The probability to hire depends upon many factors such as the salary offered, job location, amount of work required to be done, work timing etc. If the above factors are as per the market standard and you are reasonably flexible, there is a very high chance that you will be able to hire through this model. Our success depends upon customer success as 40% of our customers come through referrals/ repeat purchase.
If you are not able to hire, you can ask for a 100% refund (T&C). Read more details here.

A : Through our “Check Availability” feature, we call them before you call them and make sure that you do not waste time calling uninterested maids.

A : We conduct telephonic verification of maids. You should verify all the documents of the maids when they come to your place for the interview. You can get Police verification and other background verification done through a third party agency affiliated with us. To do Police verification and background verification, visit here

A : You should pay only after satisfying yourself that we have enough options suitable for you in your location. For this reason, we have displayed complete profiles of the maids with a lot of deep information such as Vegetarian/Non Vegetarian, the age range of babies handled by them, types of patients handled by them, languages spoken etc.

A : Yes, you can use the unused contact unlock credits anytime within the validity period. However, the SMS campaign can be fired only once.

A : If you have hired a maid through us, please change the feedback status to “Hired” in her profile. We will check with the concerned maid and block her from the portal so that other employers do not approach her. When either you or she informs us that you have decided to part ways, we will re-instate her profile on the portal.

A : Yes, you can chat with us anytime during working hours if you need assistance.

A : You should not subscribe to our portal if:

1. If you are not comfortable using websites. Job Nukkad is an online process. Payment is also to be made online.

2. If you do not have the time to call up a few maids or receive their calls
(PS: Through our “Check Availability” feature, we make sure that you do not waste time calling uninterested maids but still you will need to talk to them directly)

3. If you believe that everything that is online is fraud.

4. If your salary budget is way lower than the market standard. See the market linked salary in Mumbai.

“You can’t build for everyone”
“Identify your target group and really delight them”

Frequently Asked Questions - Industry
A : Three ways: (A) Reference provided by Security Guard/ Neighbours: Economical but slow and inefficient (B) Maid Agency: Expensive and lack of trust (C) Online Portal: Efficient and economical (Cost- Rs 499).
A : You can do Police verification, online background verification of your maid. You can visit her house personally. If she is going to be alone at home, put CCTV cameras at appropriate places. Visit our detailed blog on the topic.
A : You have to spend some time with them to apprise them of your cooking style. You can take a cooking trial before hiring.
A : This is due to expectation mismatch. Maid agencies do not train or assess the maids. They are only connecting maids with the employers. Customers have a false belief that maids are personally known to the agencies. Most of the agencies have a very limited supply of maids and hence replacement becomes a problem.