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We have house cook jobs in Delhi for part time as well as full time.
If you love cooking food and are looking for home cooks job, please give us the following information and we will call you to suggest suitable jobs.
House servant job and house caretaker jobs in Delhi can get you a salary of Rs 8000- Rs 15000 depending upon the number of hours of duty and your experience.
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Cook Jobs in Delhi

Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked by cooks “Mai Non-Veg nahi banati. Kya mujhe khaana banane ka kaam mil sakta hai?” See, it totally depends upon the family you are working for. If they eat non-vegetarian food, they will expect you to cook Non-Veg. If you are not comfortable with it, you should clarify this before joining. There are many families in Delhi that eat only vegetarian food and they can offer you a vegetarian home cooking job. However, in guest house cook jobs, you will mostly be required to prepare Non-Veg as guests keep changing regularly.

Cooking job is considered to be more skilled job and therefore the salary is higher as compared to Maid job in Delhi. Another factor is that if you are more than 45-50 years of age, maid job becomes physically difficult and part time cooking job at home may be the only option. Therefore, it is important if you can skill yourself in cooking. And, you will be able to get a job faster if you can do both the tasks.