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Frequently Asked Questions

Since the full time maid is going to stay with you, it is extremely important that you interview her thoroughly. You should be very transparent with her about your expectation and about the working hours etc. Similarly, you should understand her expectation from her employer. Apart from the questions related to her past work covered above, some of the other specific topics to be discussed:
1. Usage of phone for personal use: The maid should have the liberty to use it outside of her working hours. But it should not interfere with her work.
2. Food preference: Tell the live-in maid about the food that is prepared in your house and if she is comfortable with that.
3. Leaves: When would she go on leave- For eg. is it 2 days every month or will it be 4-5 days together every 2 months.
4. Documentation: Does she have a current address proof?

It is recommended that you do the detailed interview when you meet the maid personally. The first interview which is usually a telephonic interview should be short and cover only the basic conditions like quantum of work, salary etc.
The above guidelines are broadly relevant whether you are looking to hire in Pune through an agency for maids or directly through an online portal like JobNukkad.

Yes, it is safe to hire a house maid through an online portal like Job Nukkad. In terms of safety, online portals are the same as offline agencies. Agencies do not know their maids personally. Maids register themselves at agencies via phone call. When a suitable employer approaches the agency, the maid is placed there. Large agencies do not even meet the maids personally. Their Field executive would take them to the employer’s place for the interview. They do not know about their background or about their skills. In most of the agency contracts, it is clearly mentioned that safety is not the responsibility of the maid agency and the employer is required to do Police verification.
In the case of JobNukkad, we clearly state that the maids are not pre-verified and once you hire someone, you can get her verification done through us at a very reasonable cost.
In both the cases, it is recommended that you complete the verification as soon as she joins.