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Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring a maid service is very different from white collar hiring that you might have witnessed at work. It is very likely that maids will commit to appear for an interview but will not turn up. Or they will agree to join from a particular day but will back-out at the last moment.

Here are some tips that you can use to make it easier:

1. Telephonic interview: It is quite likely that your first interaction with the house maid will be on a call. Please don’t mention the entire laundry list of things expected of her. Mention the important tasks and then if she is ok, ask her to come for a Face to Face interview. For eg. “you will have to do XYZ once in a month” should be kept for the Face to face interview, as it is a one-off task.
2. Call unanswered: If your call went unanswered, please do not assume that she will call you back. Most of the domestic helpers are not registered on DND list and therefore get a lot of spam calls. They call back only the saved numbers.
3. Past employer reference: It is good to ask for a positive reference from the potential hire. However, most of the maid servants / bai will not be able to provide you with a reference. This is because most of the times they leave the job in such circumstances that the employer feels let down. Though there may not have been a fight between the two, but it is just that the maid may not be sure that the employer will give a positive reference about her. This issue has its roots in the classist mind-set of people. A detailed discussion is a subject matter of another blog.
4. Back-up: Even if a maid commits that she will be joining, you should still keep a back-up. This will help you save time.
5. Rejection due to delay: If the maid does not turn up on time for the interview, please do not reject her based only on this. Let’s not treat it like an office interview. We have seen umpteen cases where the maids were not punctual during the interview were punctual after joining.
6. Perfect Maid?: There is nothing like a ‘perfect’ maid. You have to make the best choice keeping all the constraints in mind.
7. Document verification: This is something you should not compromise on. Please collect the ID and address documents from the maid before she starts the job. If you let a few days pass, it becomes awkward to ask for the documents later. If you can get a background verification done, it’s even better.
8. Your past maids: If you have had good relation with your past maids and they have stayed for a long time, please tell this to the maids you are interviewing. This will give them comfort. They have a strong word of mouth network and before they join, they will get feedback about you from the other maids in the building.

Whatever you do, it’s good to be empathetic. It helps in hiring and retaining the domestic helper.
The above guidelines are broadly relevant whether you are looking to hire through a maid agency in Navi Mumbai or through an online maid portal like JobNukkad.