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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the age of the child. Kids in the age of 2-5 years are most playful with their babysitters. The babysitting maids need to engage smaller babies differently. Generally, younger nannies find it easier to adjust with the kids. These are the activities that nannies can do with kids:

Playing out: Kids love going out to play. The caretaker can take them to the garden where they can play with other kids while the babysitter can keep a watch to ensure their safety. The kids can also play on swing, slide, sea-saw etc. with the help of the nanny.
Jig-saw Puzzles: At home, the person providing nanny service can encourage the kid to solve jig-saw puzzles.
Board games: The kid can have a great companion in the babysitter at home to play board games.
Help in studies: If the babysitter and the parents of the child are comfortable, she can also help with her studies like teaching alphabets, numbers, rhymes etc.

Role Play and other creative games: This is the most interesting part of a child’s play when he/she takes up the role of her teacher/mother etc. The nanny should not interrupt or try to correct but should allow the child to express herself. The child may ask the babysitter to take up a supporting role.
Drawing/Painting: Kids love imitating adults. If the babysitter draws and paints, the kid would also love to do it. The ideal way is to give a piece of paper each to the babysitter and the kid and let the babysitter start drawing.
Crafts: The baby caretaker could also teach the kid how to make beautiful things out of beads, laces, threads, mirrors etc.
Story Telling: This is another favourite activity of kids. The babysitter can meaningfully engage kids by telling them interesting stories. She can get creative with the narration.
Involve in cooking: If the maid providing babysitting service is also responsible for some cooking, she can ask the child to observe how she cooks and also help her in a small way. This will help the child learn about food items.

The above guidelines are broadly relevant whether you are looking to hire in Delhi through an agency for babysitters or directly through an online portal like JobNukkad.