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Frequently Asked Questions

At some point, you may feel that with the live-in nanny staying with you, your privacy is gone. The situation becomes even more difficult if you live in a small apartment with no spare room for the baby caretaker.
While a full time nanny helps you to relax and focus on other work, the arrangement needs active management from your side with reference to maintaining your and the babysitter’s privacy.
For example, in the evening, when you want to watch TV with your family, she may also want to do the same as she has finished her work. Or, when you want to spend time with your kids, the full time babysitter may be around and you won’t be able to have an undivided interaction with your kids.
Here are some tips:
You need to define the babysitter’s working hours. Outside of her working hours, she can be by herself. She can talk to her family on the phone or consume entertainment on her mobile. This does two things: First, she gets her own downtime and privacy. Second, you get to spend your private time without her presence. For this, you need to be flexible and generous. Some employers do not want their 24 hours babysitter to go out of the house. But you should allow her to go for her evening walk. In addition, you should not have a problem sharing your WiFi access with her so that she can watch her movies/shows on her mobile. That way, she does not have to share the TV with you.
On the weekends, if you are going out with your kids in a garden or in a restaurant, and if it is manageable, you can ask the babysitter to stay at home. This will give you privacy.
The above guidelines are broadly relevant whether you are looking to hire in Pune through an agency for babysitters or directly through an online portal like JobNukkad.

Sometimes, kids get too attached to their caretakers. They may even start to prefer their nanny over their mother. In such situations, it is very natural for the mother to feel unsecured and get frustrated.
Here is the reason mothers should not feel threatened or unsecured:
If your kid is fond of the person providing babysitting service, it means that they have a good chemistry and the babysitter is taking good care of your kid.
Kids need care and comfort. They tend to favour the adult who is giving them love and care. But, kids know very well who is their mother and who is nanny.
Kids form impressions quickly and at the same time they also forget very quickly. If your maid for baby care leaves the job at any point of time, your kids will take not more than a few days to forget her. So, mothers should not feel unsecured as the bond between mother and child is special and can not be replaced.
However, if it is affecting you, you may set some boundaries and convey them to the baby care taker in the most polite way. For example, you can make it clear that on holidays and after office hours, you will only take care of the baby.
Try to spend time with your kid. And when you are with the kid, try to give them undivided attention. This way, you will also be able to enjoy those precious moments and they will also enjoy your company. And most importantly, do not blame yourself at any point of time.