Job Interviews : Beat The Fear

Have your posture right. Don't slouch while sitting on chair. Don't sit on edge it shows your nervousness. Sit relaxed but not too relaxed. Sit up straight. Sit confidently.

7 frequently asked Job interview questions and their expected answers

1. Tell me about yourself?

Its a simple question, asked in a job interview, to know about your background and how well you can speak. Always start by giving your family background what your parents do and from where you belong. Then your education qualification. Why you chose the field and what all have you learned, which makes you suitable for the job. Extra projects you have handled, etc..

Talk about your internship if you can, what you learned, what were your inputs in your project, what extra did you learn apart from your project during your internship etc.

2. Whats your aim in life?

Always talk about your stability plan for future. Whats your motive , how do you see yourself in 5 years. Always talk how you want to grow and progress in a company. How eager you are to learn and apply your knowledge for betterment of company, by growing continuously in the given job profile.

3. What are your strength and weakness?

This a tricky question you want to show your strength and weakness both in positive way. Always show your weakness in positive way or try to show how you are working on it to make it your strength or diminish your weakness. When asked about your weakness, one is always advised to "turn the negative into the positive" by sharing a supposed weakness that is actually a desirable quality in an employee. A few examples can be:

I am too much of a perfectionist

I work too hard at-times

I find it very hard to say "NO"

4. What do you know about the company and job you are applying for?

You should always read about the company its achievements, its place in market and everything like thatall. Try to analyze the company if you can, if not just read about the company and the job description.

5. Why should we hire you?

Always show how eager you are to start working so you can learn and use your creativity in the job. Always show your stability as a positive trait to join the company. Tell the how can their company help you to learn more about your field, help you understand the field more deeply and how it can help you to use your knowledge for doing job better.

6. What is your expected salary?

Always answer "as per company standards". If still they push you to quote and amount give a salary range prevailing in the industry considering the job you are applying for, your education qualification and experience.

7. How soon can you join?

Always answer "As soon as possible". If the company and job you are applying is good please postpone any leave plans. Always be positive and alert in your interview. Answer smartly. Don’t be nervous or tensed. Be confident with answers.

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