Hiring Tips

Hiring Tips

We succeed when you are able to hire an employee as per your requirement. Based on our hands-on experience of hiring maids, we have listed down certain points that you should consider:

1. SMS Blast : When you take our package, start by using the sms package. This way, you will get incoming calls from interested maids. After this, you can use the other feature of your package and unlock the contacts also.

2. Check Availability Feature: Use ‘Check availability’ button to request our team to check if a paricular maid is looking for a job.

3. Work description : While it is important to clarify all the work required to be done by the maid, do not bombard her with the list of work on the call. Tell her the basic nature of work on the call and tell her the detailed list when she comes to visit you.

4. Back-Up : It is a common observation that the Back-out ratio is high in the blue collar segment. Maids who say that they will come to meet you for face-to-face interview may not turn up at all. Therefore, it is important to keep back-ups. Even if one maid had agreed to join from the next day, keep another one as a back-up.

5. Past employer reference : We all prefer to hire maids who can provide reference of their previous employer. But it should not be a filter. Else, you will end up filtering out most of the maids.

6. Referrals : If it is not working out between the maid you are interviewing (on call or face to face), ask her to give references of people who might be suitable.

7.Location : While it is preferable to hire employees who live close to your house, it may not always be possible. For eg. if you live in a location which does not have slum areas nearby, you may have to hire a person who is not from the immediate vicinity. In such cases, maids also expect traveling expenses to be paid apart from the standard market salary.

8. Trial : Interview is important but it does not reveal everything. Unlike white collar recruitment, you will be able to judge the maid’s work only when she actually starts working. So, if she meets all other criteria, ask her to join for a trial period, wherein you both can evaluate each other. If it does not work out, pay her the proportionate salary and part ways amicably.

How to make best use of the Portal:

1. Feedback : In the portal, you can input the feedback of every maid that you speak to, after unlocking her contact. This will help you to keep a track and follow-up. Secondly, it will help us in rating the maids based on their record of back-out.

2. What is Chhutta kaam? : It’s a local Mumbai term for task-based job done by maids. Such job is not based on no. of hours but on the completion of task for eg. a maid who does cleaning work such as Jaadu, Poncha, Dishes etc and leaves your house when she is done is called “Chhutta kaam”. Such maids typically work in multiple houses.

3. Fresher : If a babysitter has taken care of her own children but not someone else’s children, she will be termed as “Fresher” on our platform. Similarly, a ‘fresher’ cook may be cooking food in her home but has not done for others. So, when you see a profile marked as ‘fresher’, it does not necessarily mean that she does not know that task.

We strongly urge you to read the ‘Frequently asked questions’ here and ‘How it works’ here

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