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JobNukkad is solving the problem associated with blue collar hiring, specifically, hiring of domestic help such as maids, babysitters, cooks, caretakers and drivers.
We are organising a highly fragmented industry. JobNukkad is creating a digital identity for job-seekers who have so far depended on traditional ways of job search, thus giving them an opportunity to find the best suitable job for them. At the same time, we are helping the employers find the most suitable help for them by providing them multiple options.

We use a mix of online and offline methods to on-board job-seekers. They can register and get notifications for jobs through JobNukkad’s app or through the Call Centre.

For Employers, JobNukkad operates an online Portal:

Portal (Do It yourself model): It’s an innovative method of maid hiring. Clients can subscribe to JobNukkad’s portal for as little as Rs 500/ Rs 1000 and hire a maid directly without paying any agency commission.

The company is being run by qualified professionals with the mission of disrupting this large, unorganised market by using technology. We are currently operational in all the locations of Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Gurugram and Noida region.

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Free Package


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