Domestic workers are distressed

They need your help

What is project ‘Good Karma’?

Domestic helpers are an integral part of our life. We can pursue our interests because we have their support. In this moment of crisis, they need your help. Some of the maids are jobless. Some have not been paid their salary for the last 2 months. We have identified those who are facing serious shortage of food and connecting them with those who want to help.

We are an online platform where the Have-nots can connect with the Haves for jobs. We feel this is the time when this connection is most important, although for a different reason.

How you can contribute?

Job Nukkad does not take any contribution. We believe that when you help directly, it is so much more satisfying.

You have to directly hand-over the grocery / food items to the maid living in your locality. We have created an open Google sheet where you can see the needy people in your locality and decide whom you want to help. You can talk to the concerned person and satisfy yourself if she is indeed in need. Once a person has received help, the sheet will be updated.

What should I contribute?

It depends upon you how much you want to give.
Grocery :
It could be
5 Kgs of Kolam rice (Rs 250) + 1 kg of daal (Rs 100) = Rs 350
it could be
2 Kg of Potato (Rs 70) + 2 Kg of Onion + (Rs 50) + 5 Kgs of Atta (Rs 160) + 0.5 litre Oil (Rs 90) = Rs 370.

Cash : If you can’t source the above items, you could hand over cash to the person.

PayTM to Kirana Store: Alternatively, you can PayTM the money to your nearest Kirana store and she can purchase grocery from there.

Link to the Google sheet: Google Sheet

If you wish to help anyone listed in the sheet, do call us on 8657505570 and we will provide you her details.

If you want to help, but no one in your locality is listed at present, please give your details below and we will notify you. We will be covering all areas of Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai.

Contact No.
Nearest Station