Work With a Job Portal as a Channel Partner

Jobnukkad is presenting an opportunity for Freelancers and placement agencies to expand their business without spending time and efforts on Business Development. JobNukkad is an online solution for entry level and blue collar hiring.

How it Works

Clients will be provided by JobNukkad. You choose the openings you want to work on.
You use your network & database to find candidates for openings selected by you.
You earn based on candidates placed by you. Charges agreed between JobNukkad and Client will be transparent.

Why Work with JobNukkad

Get top clients sitting in your office
Entry Level Junior Positions - Easy to close.
2000+ jobs available.

What Are We Upto

JobNukkad is a unique online job portal for entry level and blue collar jobs. At JobNukkad, we are using innovative methods to create a digital identity for millions of entry level and blue collar employees. We are connecting the unconnected.