The Bottom of the pyramid is huge

While we are all aware of the huge inequalities of income that exists in India, sometimes reading data around it gives us a real sense of the gravity of the problem. As per the latest Credit Suisse Wealth Report, top 1% of population controls 50% of the wealth. What is more shocking is that the median wealth of India is only Rs 85,000 i.e. half the population has wealth of less than Rs 85,000. If we consider an average household size of 4, we are talking about 50% households owning wealth of less than Rs 3,50,000.

As per a survey of 2011, 56% households had family income of less than Rs 12,000 per month (we are talking about family income).

At JobNukkad, we come across such people on a daily basis, who are struggling to make both ends meet. It is our endeavour to help such people to the fullest extent.